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About Tosan Aji


The Keris is a double-bladed assymetrical stabbing dagger originating in Java. It has spread its influence far beyond its initial beginnings to Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, and even to Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Mindanao. From a stabbing weapon it has developed into a social status symbol and a symbol of manhood

For you who are interested and aspiring Keris collectors, the following are the "rules" you should follow:


This acronym applies basically to the Keris blade,

WUTUH Wholeness, completeness of the blade
WESI The metal of the blade
GARAP Workmanship
SEPUH Age of the blade, the older the more valuable
PAMOR The Damascening
WOJO The "steel" cutting edge
GUWOYO Appearance
WANGUN Elegance
MUNGGUH Appropriateness


The Keris, a double edged assymetrical stabbing weapon, is found not only all over Indonesia except Maluku and Irian Jaya, but also in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines and Thailand.

According to Javanese keris lore, the development of the Keris can be assumed to take a parallel course with the kingdoms of Java. Unfortunately myth and fact are also intertwined that it is sometimes difficult to separate the two.

From the "Keris-World" chronology, the development of the Javanese Keris is as follows:

Period The "Empu"s Time Life
1st Purwocarita / Kadewan Days of the Gods
2nd Buda (Cailendra/Borobudur ?) 8th-10th Century AD
3rd Jenggala/Kediri/Singasari 928-1292
4th Pajajaran Empu Kuwung, Empu Ni Sombro 13th-14th Century AD
5th Majapahit Empu Supa, Empu Jigja 1293-1528
--- Tuban Empu Bekeljati 14th-15th Century AD
6th Demak Empu Supa 1478-1548
--- Madura Empu Kasa 16th-17th Century AD
7th Pajang Empu Umyang, Empu Kodhok 1546-1586
8th Mataram (Senopaten - Plered) Empu Kinom, Empu Guling 1586-1678
9th Kartasura Empu Lujuguna, Empu Brajaguna I 1678-1745
10th Surakarta Pakubuwana IV Empu Brajaguna II-III 1788-1820
----- Surakarta Pakubuwana IX Empu Japan, Empu Singawijaya 1861-1893
----- Surakarta Pakubuwana X Empu Jayasikadga, Empu Wirasukadga 1893-1939
11th Yogyakarta Hamengkubuwana VII Empu Taruna Dahana 1877-1921

After the reign of Pakubuwana X, there was no significant development of the Keris. Only about 20 years ago was there a significant renaissance of the Keris.

It is the duty of the new king to create a powerful new Keris, or at least to make an "offspring" or mutrani of an existing ampuh or powerful Keris.

The knowledge of the Javanese Keris has been passed on mainly by word of mouth. However, some written material has been found in the literature of RNg Ronggowarsito, or in the old documents like Arjuna Wiwaha, Serat Pararaton, Babad Tanah Jawi and some others.

Information in the Keraton is not available to the general public. Some information concerning the Keris is also found on the reliefs of the Candis Borobudur, Prambanan, Panataran, Sukuh and others.


There are two main physical characteristics of the Keris, namely: The Dapur or Shape and the Pamor or Damascening / Interlay.


The following diagram describes the detailed parts of the Keris blade, giving the Javanese names for each part.

A combination of these parts gives the name of the Dapur or Shape. It is of course obvious that prior to all these main separation is between a straight blade Keris LERES or a curved blade Keris LUK.

Some names of the Dapur are derived from the names of the Keris itself. These names may be mythical or factual. For instance, the following table gives the names of the Keris and their Mythical owners ( WAYANG ).

Name of Weapon Owner Form of Weapon
Kyai Brojol Prabu Kresna Keris
Kyai Jalak Adipati Karna Keris
Kyai Pulanggeni Raden Arjuna Keris
Kyai Pasopati Raden Arjuna Arrow

In the story of BHARATAYUDHA (the war among the Bharata family), one of the well known episodes is the duel between Adipati Karna and Arjuna. Both warriors are the sons of Dewi Kunthi, fighting on opposite sides.

In the tradition of Bharatayudha, the duel is conducted from a horse-drawn carriage, Adipati Karna has Prabu Salya, King of Mandaraka who is also his father-in-law as kusir or coachman, and Arjuna has Batara (Prabu) Kresna, King of Dwarawati.

Adipati Karna is a good example of loyalty to one's sovereign lord but knowing full well that actually he is in the wrong. The victor, Arjuna killed Adipati Karna using the arrow "Pasopati".

Pasopati is now the name of a Dapur Keris with the following characteristics or ricikan:

Kembang Kacang one; Lambe Gajah two; Sogokan two; Ri Pandan and Gusen

Not only do wayang characters have special Kerises, but Dapur Keris are also named after wayang characters: e.g. Dapur Karna Tinanding, Semar Tinandhu and so on.

The underfollowing are some images of the kerises bearing the wayang characters.

Dapur Keris; from left to right: Semar Tinandhu, Karna Tinandhing, Anoman, Pandhawa Lare, Pandhawa Karna Tinandhing, Buto Ijo


The word Pamor is derived from the Javanese word awor which means mixed. Beside the Dapur, the Pamor visually defines the characteristics of a Keris. The following is one of the famous and typical Pamor named the Pamor Nagasapta:

There are basically two techniques of making the Pamor:

  • "PAMOR JWALONO" There is no intent to design or form the Pamor. The material is mixed during the making of the Keris. Repeated folding results in a Pamor like the Beras Wutah and Kulit Semangka.

  • "PAMOR ANUKARTO" The Empu has the intent to make a certain type of Pamor, perhaps on order.

A specific design indicates a certain "power". For instance: "Pamor Udan Mas", this Keris is good for trading, brings luck. "Pamor Ron Genduru / Kenduru" is good for managing people in business, and so on.

Sometimes the Empu intends to make one type of Pamor (eg. "Pamor Ron Kenduru"), but the result is a different type of Pamor (eg. "Pamor Ganggeng Kanyut"). Albeit its similarities, it is a different Pamor. This is not indicative of the Empu's failure, but more like devine intervention.

This brings us to the story of Ken Arok, who was so enamoured by Ken Dedes, the wife of Akuwu Tunggul Ametung, after catching a glimpse of the heel calf and ankle as she alighted from her carriage. He ordered a special Keris from Empu Gandring. The book, Pararaton, however, does not give a detailed description of what type of Keris it was. The Keris was actually unfinished. When Ken Arok came to collect it from Empu Gandring at the promised time and found the Keris unfinished, he became so angry that he took the Keris from Empu Gandring and stabbed him to death. Before he died, Empu Gandring cursed Ken Arok, "You and seven generations to come will die by this Keris!".

Ken Arok lent the Keris to Kebo Ijo who bragged about the Keris and showed it off to everyone. Many people admired it and it became associated with Kebo Ijo. To cut a long story short, one day Ken Arok "stole" the Keris from Kebo Ijo and used to kill Akuwu Tunggul Ametung, so that Kebo Ijo got the blame. Ken Arok then married Ken Dedes and became Akuwu and later King Rajasa of the Singosari Kingdom.

What can we deduct from this? The Keris is endowed with power, the Keris is alive, the Keris is Ampuh. But to what extent? Can it kill? Yes, but it can also give the holder the power to become king (like the story of Ken Arok).

The Pamor brings with it certain "power" characteristics. Is this true? Wallahu'alam bisawab! Qien sabe! There are many stories about the "power" of the Keris. Most of them are hearsay. They cannot be scientifically demostrated. But it IS there, many people believe it is there!.


  • There are many functions that attributed to the Keris First and foremost as a weapon.

  • It is used as a stabbing weapon at close quarters. Myth has it that some Keris can "fly" and "home in" like a missile.

A symbol of Social Status.

The following table indicates the usage of the Keris for social status.

It is based however on the pendhok or metal sheath of the scabbard, not so much on the blade.

Red Pendhok KemaloOnly for the King and his close relatives. The lowest is a nobleman with Bupati rank.
Green Pendhok Kemalofor ministers
Brown Pendhok Kemalofor courtiers
Black Pendhok Kemalofor palace servants and people in general

B. Ceremonial and Ritual.

  • As a token of appreciation. For instance, Sultan Agung, after sacking of Kadipaten Pati, gave his general Keris with gold embelishment on the ganja depicting an elephant and lion.

  • As an emblem of personification. Ambassador: At the wedding of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands to Prince Bernhard, Sultan Pakubuwana X of Surakarta, sent his son, GPH Suryohamijoyo to represent him at the ceremony wearing the Sultan's Keris called Kanjeng Kyai Pakumpulan.

  • If one cannot attend one's wedding, for whatever reason, one can send one's Keris instead.

  • As a token of surrender. Pangeran Diponegoro, when surrendering to the Dutch, gave up his Keris.

  • As a complement when wearing traditional Javanese clothing.

  • There are many more functions that are attributed to the Keris.

Cited from a Presentation by Pudjadi Soekarno

at the Indonesian Heritage Society on March 11, 1997, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta

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